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Overall Crying

When I stumble on a corner, even if no bruise appears,

Sometimes I tend to exaggerate crying with too many tears. 

No one really understands, and I don’t know how to say

It's not the bump alone, but just an overall crying for everything I've been through today.

Seeds of Thoughts



When I get bored from my usual toys, I begin

To just turn around in circles, and spin.

I spin once and twice

And again, and again,

And all of a sudden, I stop. And then,

The house spins more and more,

My head aches and I fall on the floor.

My sight is blurry, 

Then Mom comes in a hurry.

She smiles at me and says 

It was probably one spin too many.

And though everything else whirls around, 

She stays my steadiest everything on the ground.  

כשאני עייף_edited.jpg

When I'm Tired

When sad,

I need a big hug.

When scared,

I feel like crawling under the rug.

When I love,

I feel I can do anything.

When happy, 

I just start to sing.

When angry,

I'm not thinking clear.

When shy,

I want to disappear.

When I miss someone,

I wanna hold and keep.

And when tired, 

I simply fall asleep.

סתם עצוב_edited.jpg

Ordinary Sadness

Yesterday I was sad. Simply sad.

I woke up sad, dressed while sad,

Brushed my teeth, sad, and went to school, sad.

I was sad while playing, and sad on the way back home. 

Everybody kept asking me if I was okay,

But I just didn’t know what to say.

No reason found, no words to express,

It was just ordinary sadness, I guess. 

When night fell and Mommy came to tuck me in,

She asked when will my sadness end, and happiness begin. 

I said that perhaps tomorrow happiness will come here to stay,

Cause I've already wasted my entire sadness in one day.   

אחי הגדול סופי_edited.jpg

My Big Brother

My big brother is so tall and smart,

He also runs really really fast.

That’s why he never understands my ambition, 

To always ask for a running competition.

But for me it's clearer than ever,

That beyond winning, I simply wanna be together. 

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